Faculty and Staff Bios

Beth Lodge-Rigal
, Owner/Director of WWf(a)C, Bloomington, photo of Beth Lodge Rigal
is an artist-educator, an award-winning songwriter, and licensed facilitator of WWf(a)C classes and workshops. She’s a mom, a wife, dog-walker, quiet feminist, poet and story-teller. She has worked with diverse groups of all ages and abilities for most of her adult life and is licensed and certified to utilize the WWf(a)C approach with Adults and Young Women. She models and encourages the telling of true stories and development of authentic voice. Beth has been facilitating the development of the Bloomington affiliate of Women Writing for (a) Change since 2004 and has seen it take root and spread wings over time. This website is evidence of the Bloomington school’s growth. For more information about Beth’s music please visit her at www.bethlodge-rigal.com.   E-mail Beth


photo of Kim Flowers Evans
Kim Flowers Evans is a founding faculty member of the Bloomington Young Women Writing for (a) Change program. She also facilitates adult writing circles. Committed to holding space for creative transformation through written and visual processes, Kim completed her certification training with Mary Pierce Brosmer, WWf(a)C founder, with specialized training for girls and teens. With continued interest in writing creative non-fiction, Kim has written columns for the Herald-Times newspaper, essays, and blogs. She recently published her first book, What I Gave to the Fire. In addition to her writing and family life, Kim is a graphic artist and certified Kaizen-Muse™ Creativity Coach. Find more details on her website at Kim Evans Studio
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photo of Sami Schalk
Sami Schalk has been a long-time member of the Women Writing for (a) Change community, starting with her first summer camp at the Cincinnati school at age thirteen. She attended Miami University, graduating cum laude in Creative Writing & Women's Studies. During the summers, she interned at Women Writing Cincinnati and assisted as a teacher in the young women's writing camps and in the Young Women's Leadership Academy. In May 2010, Sami earned her Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, where she conducted writing workshops for incarcerated teens and homeless adults using the WWf(a)C model. Sami has recently moved to Bloomington in order to attend Indiana University to pursue her PhD in Gender Studies. Excited to maintain her connection to Women Writing, Sami has officially joined the Women Writing for (a) Change Bloomington school as a facilitator in the Young Women's Program and she looks forward to getting to know many women and girl writers here in the coming years.  E-Mail Sami
photo of Amy Cornell
Amy L. Cornell has been part of the Women Writing for a Change community since 2006. In addition to local freelancing, she has written a community column for the Herald-Times in Bloomington, Indiana. Along with Lauren Bryant, she co-edited the anthology from Women Writing for (a) Change-Bloomington: Women With Wings. Amy co-leads circles at the Monroe County Corrections Center and leads creative writing and memoir circles at the Poplar Grove School house. She received her certification from the Feminist Leadership Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2009. Amy writes poetry, creative non-fiction, novels, blog posts, book reviews, and short stories and loves to hear other women tell stories both real and imagined. E-mail Amy


Allison Distler has been involved as a writer in the Women Writing  photo of Allison Distler
for (a) Change program since 2009. Coming from a background of singing, songwriting, and performing, she took her first class to
cultivate an intimate relationship with her inner writer's voice.
She began assisting with the young women's writing program in the summer of 2011, and enjoys nurturing a strong trust between young women and their intuitive voices. Allison is an introspective non-fiction writer who maintains her own blog, and enjoys combining written word with visual form. E-mail Allison

Avery Smith has been involved at Women Writing for (a) Change sincephoto of Avery Smith
she was ten years old, starting as a student at WWf(a)C Cincinnati and
taking every class she could before enrolling in Cincinnati's Young
Women's Feminist Leadership Academy (YWFLA) and learning to facilitate classes herself! Avery is now a sophomore at Indiana University studying English and has been facilitating girls' classes in both Cincinnati and Bloomington during the school year and in the summer in addition to doing lots of reading, writing, biking, swimming, and cooking in her free time. E-mail Avery

Rebekah Spivey
has been a long-time participant in WWf(a)C of photo of Rebekah SpiveyBloomington.  She assists with writing circles for women incarcerated at the Monroe County Correctional Center.  Rebekah is currently fullfilling duties as Registrar, Administrative Assistant and bookeeper and will happily answer your questions about registrations, class payments, and scholarships.  Rebekah is Co-Director of a related project that celebrates Poetry called Poetry Detectives which operates once a month at the Poplar Grove Schoolhouse. E-mail Rebekah


photo of Lauren Bryant
Lauren Bryant has been a participant in the WWf(a)C-Bloomington community since fall 2006. Since 2008, she has assisted other WWf(a)C facilitators with writing circles for women incarcerated at the Monroe County Correctional Center. Lauren and Amy Cornell are co-editors of new volume _Women With Wings: An Anthology from Women Writing for (a) Change—Bloomington, published to celebrate the Bloomington school’s fifth anniversary. E-mail Lauren


photo of Stacey KimStacey Kim, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice. She is a certified facilitator with Writing for a Change Foundation Bloomington and has trained in therapeutic writing and journaling techniques with the Therapeutic Writing Institute in Denver, CO.  Her interests include recovery and resilience, shame and addiction in women, and the role of personal narrative in healing. Contact Stacey:  www.Compassionatelivingnow.com   



Kelly Sage started writing with Women Writing for (a) Change in the photo of Kelly Sage
summer of 2011 to find balance in her working and personal life. For nine years Kelly taught middle and high school Language Arts and Writer's Workshop. She has always loved engaging others in the writing process, but recently left the classroom to homeschool her children, facilitate writing circles, and pursue her own writing. Kelly is a certified facilitator with Women Writing for (a) Change and works with women incarcerated at the Monroe County Correctional Center as well as in the Young Women Writing for (a) Change Circles. She writes about the joys of living simply with young children on her blog. Email Kelly: sagetribe02@gmail.com